Italian real leathe sofa.

On wooden frame sofa with decor stripe.

Seaters, back supports, arm supports and sitting bwetweens with Italian real leather and the rest of details with PVC.

Can order with opposite corner


Leather sofa with decor stripe.

Sofa is on the wooden frame which has 2 armsupports and also 2 headrest which are moveable and with 2 light spots.

For seaters is used different strength of foams .

Leather is from Italy, all the bottoms and also backside is covered with PVC.

Real leather is used on seaters, back supports, arm supports and also in seaters between.

Sofa coming in parts and all the decorative pillows are in price

If you wish you can order opposite corner,  different color- according factory possibilities!

Sizes are visible on the picture.


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